Mar 19 2013

Start of the Season 2013

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Lift in is upon us this Saturday and the boat park has been busy with lots of sanding and polishing of bottoms along with many men helping each other with erecting that shiney stiff section that holds those flappy things and gives us much satisfaction.

The Boss has delegated the various jobs for the mass movement from dry to wet whilst the rest of us can watch from afar with a cool one in hand waiting for our moment to shackle our beloved to the root, making sure that the chain holds fast for the incoming ride twice a day ensuring that when we arrive for our weekend pleasure all is intact and ready to go.

Sundancer has a different approach to windward this year if you look at the windex.

Aeolus has applied one part of his two part antifoul,someone should of told him to mix it in the tin first!!

Sand Stars bottom is not ready so she will miss a few races, come on Will we need the cannon fodder to make the results look good.

Squiffy has disappeared and a search party is out looking for her, if you know her whereabouts call crime stoppers.

The Boat park looks like camp bling with the various tents covering the boats who are having epoxy applied in the sub zero temperatures.

Racing starts this Sunday so lets make sure we have our shorts and T shirts ready for the lovely weather that has been booked.


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